Research Publications

Distinguishing Common Ratio Preferences from Common Ratio Effects Using Paired Valuation Tasks

with Christina McGranaghan, Kirby Nielsen, Ted O'Donoghue and Charles Sprenger

American Economic Review, forthcoming

Range-Dependent Attribute Weighting in Consumer Choice: An Experimental Test 

Econometrica, 2022, 90(2): 799 830.

Program Recertification Costs: Evidence from SNAP  

with Tatiana Homonoff

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2021, 13(4): 271–298.

Quantifying Brand Loyalty: Evidence from the Cigarette Market  

with Philip DeCicca, Donald S. Kenkel and Feng Liu

Journal of Health Economics, 2021, 76: 102512.

Consumers' Ability to Identify a Surplus When Returns to Attributes are Nonlinear 

with Pete Lunn

Judgement and Decision Making, 2021, 16(5):1186–1220.

Modeling Risk Aversion in Economics 

with Ted O'Donoghue

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2018, 32(2): 10-25.

Can Chocolate Cure Blindness? Investigating the Effect of Preference Strength and Incentives on the Incidence of Choice Blindness 

with Feidhlim McGowan

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2016, 61(4): 1-11.

Choice Blindness in Financial Decision Making 

with Owen McLaughlin

Judgement and Decision Making, 2013, 8(5): 561-572.