Research Publications

Administrative Burden and Procedural Denials: Experimental Evidence from SNAP

with Eric Gianella, Tatiana Homonoff, and Gwen Rino

Forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Menu-Dependent Risk Attitudes: Theory and Evidence

with Zhuo Chen and Russell Golman

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2024, 68, 77  205

Gasoline Price Changes and Consumer Inflation Expectations: Experimental Evidence

with Felix Aidala, Olivier ArmantierGiorgio Topa, Gizem Kosar,  and Wilbert van der Klaauw

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2024, 220(4), 66  80.

Distinguishing Common Ratio Preferences from Common Ratio Effects Using Paired Valuation Tasks

with Christina McGranaghan, Kirby Nielsen, Ted O'Donoghue and Charles Sprenger

American Economic Review, 2024, 114(2), 307–347.

Range-Dependent Attribute Weighting in Consumer Choice: An Experimental Test 

Econometrica, 2022, 90(2): 799 830.

Program Recertification Costs: Evidence from SNAP  

with Tatiana Homonoff

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2021, 13(4): 271–298.

Quantifying Brand Loyalty: Evidence from the Cigarette Market  

with Philip DeCicca, Donald S. Kenkel and Feng Liu

Journal of Health Economics, 2021, 76: 102512.

Consumers' Ability to Identify a Surplus When Returns to Attributes are Nonlinear 

with Pete Lunn

Judgement and Decision Making, 2021, 16(5):1186–1220.

Modeling Risk Aversion in Economics 

with Ted O'Donoghue

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2018, 32(2): 10-25.

Can Chocolate Cure Blindness? Investigating the Effect of Preference Strength and Incentives on the Incidence of Choice Blindness 

with Feidhlim McGowan

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2016, 61(4): 1-11.

Choice Blindness in Financial Decision Making 

with Owen McLaughlin

Judgement and Decision Making, 2013, 8(5): 561-572.